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    to capable but under privileged children in the realm of education, so that
    the true potential of this nation's youth can be realized.

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Welcome To The Brave
New World Foundation

A Public Charitable Trust set up to commemorate the memory of an exceptionally gifted and bright young man, ALYOSHA KUMAR, who destiny snatched away in very tragic and unfortunate circumstances in September 2007, just after he had graduated from the National Law School University of India, Bangalore.

Alyosha touched all our lives briefly, but deeply. Maybe he was just supposed to do that, because, as they say, the brighter the flame, the less of a life it has. And that is precisely what Alyosha was in our lives- A bright flame that flickered strongly, but briefly, and in its short span of life touched everyone with its warmth, and its energy. The earliest, and the most vivid memory that I have of Alyosha is of a bright cherubic face with twinkling eyes, and spiky sort of hair. I remember him standing at my door step at Lovedale, and asking to be let in. I think he was in Class VII at that time, and he had come to discuss some issues regarding the school which greatly troubled his young mind. I remember telling his father later that year that he was "too wise a head for so young a body". But that is what Alyosha was. Never unafraid to express an opinion no matter how dissenting it might be under the circumstances, never afraid to reach out no matter how uncongenial the environment might be, never afraid to be different if the cause was right, Alyosha epitomized all that is brave about "the Brave New World". Wherever you may be Alyosha please know that you were a blessing in our lives, and we were privileged to have known you.

- Dev Lahiri


Komal Yadav

At this happy juncture of my life, with a ‘Brave New World Foundation’ ahead of me, I am writing this note of gratitude to thank you for the generosity and love you blessed me with.

Looking back to 2007, i recall one fine morning when Mrs.Elizabeth Koshy, Director Chaitanya School, called me in the school office and told me that i was being sponsored by BNWF. She also shared the story with me of how Mrs.Shubha Koshy had met you accidentally.

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Ashwini M

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well”.

When these lines strike into my head, I would thank this person every moment of my life. Today I live in this society with some commitments, with some respect is all because he has given me my education. Every person will have a goal in their life.

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Mrs. Sunila (Ashatai) Kamat

Since we started working for the well being and upliftment of the visually impaired children, few socially aware people and organisations came forward to offer financial support to our Endeavour.

One such organization is the BNWF. From the year 2010, this nobel organization is supporting consistently by offering financial assistance according to our needs. Occasionally, this foundation would enquire about our needs in person and promptly provide the necessary help.

From the very beginning, the Foundation has been adopting our school children for their expenses.

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