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IBM Computers worth ₹3 Lakhs were donated

21 IBM Computers worth ₹3 Lakhs were donated to Manik Public School at Maniknagar, Humnabad, District of Bidar, Karnataka for their Multi language Lab, named ‘Alyosha Kumar Multi Language Laboratory.
Cmde Arun Kumar further personally donated ₹2.5 Lakhs towards the civil work for the Multi language Lab.
The Lab was inaugurated on 11th Sept 2019 by Cmde Arun Kumar and attended by Mrs Deepa Kumar and Mrs Prabha Rao, after which they were given a brief tour of the premises of the Manik Vidyalaya and community hostel.
The trustees departed that same evening on their return journey.

A Blaze like a shooting Star

Book lunch of ‘A Blaze like a shooting Star’, Alyosha’s biography by author Cmde Arun Kumar AVSM, NM (Retd), was released by chief guest Mr. Arnab Goswam, at the Title Waves - Mumbai. The book was published by Frontier India Technology - Publishing.

Football Trophy for the Inter Law college

Football was Alyosha’s passion since the age of 3! In his memory, his college classmates instituted a Football Trophy for Inter Law college fest known as ‘Spiritus’ with an initial corpus of Rs One Lakh. Spiritus is an annual sports festival that draws participation from law colleges all over India . It is hosted in collaboration with the Sports Authority of India (SAI), Spiritus sees fierce competition in disciplines such as football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton and tennis among others.