Description of Awards

  • Alyosha Kumar Gold medal for excellence in sports & extra curricular activities. This award is given to the best student in the stated activities from 5th year, graduating from the National Law School of India University. The medal has a bust of Alyosha engraved on it.
  • Best All round student in Prep School at the Lawrance School Lovedale. This is a cash award of ₹20,000 given at the annual awards function to the best all rounder/ student in the Prep School. A certificate accompanies the cash award.
  • The Best Student in Standard II at St Josephs boys higher Secondary School in Coonoor. This is a cash award of ₹15000 given annually.
  • Rolling Trophy for the winner of the Inter House tournament for Basketball at Navy Children School, Visakhapatnam.
  • Running scholarships to about 30 students across the country, wherein their entire fees are borne by the Trust. More information on the procedure and criteria for selection of students who may be awarded a scholarship by the trust.

Lawrence School Lovedale

Year Date Awardee Award
2009-2010 12-Mar-10 Mst.Aditya Khound Best Student, Prep School
2010-2011 18-Mar-11 Sagarika Das Best Student, Prep School
2011-2012 19-Mar-12 Mst. Dennis Johnson Best Student, Prep School
2012-2013 30-Mar-13 Mst Yashraj Singh & Avram John Best Student, Prep School
2013-2014 22-Apr-13 Ria Tharakan Best Student, Prep School
2014-2015 6-May-14 Miss Ria Hormis Tharakan Best Student, Prep School
2015-2016 6-May-15 Ms Shifa Hassan & Ms Elizabeth Philip Best Student, Prep School
2016-2017 16-May-16 Ms Moli Shah Best Student, Prep School
2017-2018 6-May-17 Ms. Priya Sundaram Best Student, Prep School
2018-2019 8-May-18 Ms. Asmi Mittal Best Student, Prep School
2019-2020 14-May-19 Ms. Aadyaa Agarwal Best Student, Prep School

St Josephs Boys A.I High School Coonoor

Year Date Awardee Award
2009-2010 18-Jan-10 D. Jeya Aditya Best Student Class II
2010-2011 21-Feb-11 Mst. S. Rishikesh Kartickeyan Best Student Class II
2011-2012 13-Feb-12 Miss Athira Das Best Student Class II
2012-2013 5-Mar-13 Mst. K.J. Anujith Best Student Class II
2013-2014 30-Jan-14 Mst S. Dharshan Best Student Class II
2014-2015 30-Jan-15 Ms. Niranjana R. Best Student Class II
2015-2016 20-Feb-16 Haseena M.Y. Best Student Class II
2016-2017 31-Jan-17 Ms. M. Namratha Best Student Class II
2017-2018 24-Jan-18 Mst.A.P.S. Neeldarshan Best Student Class II
2018-2019 30-Jan-19 Ms.Tejaswani K. Best Student Class II
2019-2020 6-Feb-20 Ms. Kanishka M. Best Student Class II

National Law School Bengaluru

Year Date Awardee Award
2008-2009 31-Aug-08 Mr. Ali Hussain Gold Medal
2010-2011 19-Aug-10 Mr. Adhiraj Singh Gold Medal
2011-2012 8-Jun-11 Mr.Aijaz Rasool Gold Medal
2012-2013 5-Aug-12 Ms. Divya P Shenoy Gold Medal
2013-2014 1-Sep-13 Sahil Kher Gold Medal
2014-2015 31-Aug-14 Mr. Mayank Agarwal Gold Medal
2015-2016 29-Aug-15 Ms. Abhilasha Mondal Gold Medal
2016-2017 28-Jul-16 Ms. Ashwini Vaidialingam Gold Medal
2017-2018 4-Oct-17 Ms. Shraddha Chaudhary Gold Medal
2018-2019 10-Aug-18 Mr. Shubham Joshi Gold Medal
2019-2020 27-Sep-19 Pavan Srinivas Gold Medal